Reports Claim GM Snipped Potential Lordstown/Chevrolet Cruze Lifeline

The article Reports Claim GM Snipped Possible Lordstown/Chevrolet Cruze Lifeline appeared on The Truth About Cars. The president of a UAW local that represented General Motors employees at the shuttered Lordstown Assembly plant isn’t happy knowing there was a possibility that the mothballed facility may still be cranking out Chevrolet Cruzes. Dave Green, president of UAW Local 1112, reacted to reports from the Detroit Free Press and Youngstown Vindicator that a […]

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Seat Belt Delete

I have NEVER ever in the entire time that I have owned my automobile utilized front seat belt. It's an older truck therefore there are no airbags, detectors or alternative electrical connectors moving to this chair.
Why not simply get rid of these things so that I can create more room for more gear? I can count on one hand the amount of times I've used the rear centre seat belt. Again, nothing complicated moving back there. But the spot where they bolt into the floor board breaks up the usable space under the chair making that little space just somewhat less usable.
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Japanese Subaru Outbacks, Crosstreks, and WRX STIs Show a New Side at STI Motorsports’ 30th-Anniversary Gathering

Japanese Subaru Outbacks, Crosstreks, and WRX STIs Show a New Side at STI Motorsports’ 30th-Anniversary Gathering

The Subaru STI performance division celebrated its birthday with a outdoor Celebration at Fuji International Speedway Outdoor Tokyo.

Subaru's motorsports and performance-car division-that's Subaru Tecnica International, better known as STI-turns 30 this year. Well, in fact it ends 31, however the Japanese calendar starts from April, so technically, the outfit is 30 despite getting begun in 1988. But that's math, and mathematics is unexciting. More intriguing is it to celebrate its big birthday, STI hosted a enormous gathering for lovers and automobile owners in Fuji International Speedway out Tokyo, Japan, and people were invited. What annoys us as we grabbed the circuit's threshold beneath its big FUJI SPEEDWAY sign was about everything you'd expect from a show dedicated to STI. You will find World Rally Blue WRX STI models as far as the eye can see, however, also lots of STI-badged Subarus we don't get here from the U.S., such as Legacys and Foresters (!) . And many minicars. And regular old Crosstreks and Outbacks such as you could see through the USA. In fa... Read More

ESA completes further design validation of Reaction Engine’s air-breathing SABRE rocket engine

Reaction Engines has experienced a hugely supportive relationship with ESA and we are delighted with this additional endorsement of this SABRE engine design. This step opens the door to a exciting testing milestones which we will be undertaking in the next 18 weeks and moves us closer to the demonstration of the very first SABRE motor, a unique class of scalable aerospace motors, which will revolutionize how we travel across the world, and get into orbit. Over the previous four decades Reaction Engines has raised more than #100 million (US$133 million) in public and private sources and had secured investment in BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Boeing's venture capital arm.

UK-based Reaction Engines has received further endorsement of its SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) design (earlier post) through its collaboration with ESA and the UK Space Agency (UKSA). The two agencies lately reviewed the preliminary design of the demonstrator engine center of this Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE), which Reaction Engines will utilize to... Read More

Bittydesign AGATA 1/10 GT 190mm Clear Body [VIDEO]

Bittydesign AGATA 1/10 GT 190mm Clear Body [VIDEO]

By Bittydesign:
AGATA, a fresh competitor body shell for your 1/10 GT branch.

The AGATA project reflects the highest level in the RC industry concerning development and engineering. We harbor ’t put any limitation and with the support of expert group of engineers we've developed a brand-new product which has amazing details in terms aesthetic and aerodynamic. Never miss an issue of RC Car Action! 3D Cad architecture & engineering Even a parternship with Italian top CNC mill allowed to get the maximum level of accuracy and quality possible now; we're proud supporters of the real Made in Italy dependent on the production, fire and pure innovation. The body shell meet the specifications needed to participate in any 1/10 GT race at the Earth, USGT class included. So as to respect our quality criteria, we haven't set any constraints and we've recognized the AGATA job with the usage of their most innovative graphics and Cad design; this method ensures a perfect implementation of the details and forms that high-tech machines realize with 5-axis CNC milling machines. Product Features Made with top quality and real polycarbonate Lexan® Included in the k... Read More

Marketing… or Messaging? Tabloid Says Bond’s Going Green in Next Film

British tabloid The Sun reported this week that the next James Bond movie will comprise a all-electric Aston Martin Rapide E as 007’s featured ride in an effort to provide the government-sanctioned killer a flatter character. While Bond movies have featured countless vehicles, Astons are typically reserved for string ’ titular hero -- though He's driven a bizarre […]

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MG expands with addition of new dealership in Coventry

Or just read more policy in Motor Trader This story continues at MG expands with addition of new automobile in Coventry MG Motor UK has opened a brand new car dealer in Coventry. Operated by the Unity Automotive group, the new site becomes the first time dealership appointment for the MG brand in the united kingdom at 2019, carrying the complete amount of franchised MG Motor UK dealers to 90 nationwide. The business expects its UK system to reach 120...... Read More

Determine enclosure size for GB60

Should I be prepared for trial and error experimentation?
Appears Winisd is your way to go for sub-par calculation, is it applicable to misbass enclosures?

For the sake experimenting, I'd like to try my GB60s in enclosures at the kick panel area.
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