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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Stainless steel system is in good condition and there are no check engine lights or functionality issues. Power windows, seats, door locks, mirrors, automatic and automated climate control all operate as they should although the A/C may require additional refrigerant. Equipped with trailering alternative and Positraction, however, there so no indication that a trailer allocation has ever been installed. The mill level controller is on-board but not functioning. My plan was to use this car for retro type road trips, however, events have pushed on the table and off that apart and it is time for this Custom Cruiser to have a house that is new.
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Before committing the field to Chevrolet and Buick oldsmobile produced these and for a short period in 1992. Oddly enough it has been noticed the Oldsmobile variant was the best. This one has lots of miles to what is essentially exactly the bullet-proof GM 305 CID throttle body injection motor of that era (great parts availability) and that miles, I had been told, were mostly as a result of highway trips back and forth from Washington to Arizona/Texas (typical is between 8/ 9,000 each ye… Read More

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