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ZF introduces coPILOT system for next-gen ADAS powered by ZF ProAI and NVIDIA DRIVE; “Level 2+” system

The ZF coPILOT demonstration vehicle, which will be introduced for the first time at Auto Shanghai, shows the functional scope and comparative comfort and security advantages for drivers: The automobile can perform specific driving maneuvers autonomously such as entering and departing highways under the right conditions.

The ZF sensor place in the demonstration automobile consists of four corner radars, a radar, along with a total of eight cameras. Two cameras have been directed forward and one backwards, two have been integrated into each side mirror and one monitors the driver.

The ZF coPILOT is equipped with artificial intelligence, a 360° sensor set, the potent ZF ProAI central computer and NVIDIAs DRIVE platform, thereby supplying driving and security functions that transcend the performance of a regular Level 2 platform for semi-automated driving. This empowers us to achieve a better grade in driving. –Torsten Gollewski, Head of Autonomous Mobility Solutions at ZF

Since highly automatic driving at SAE Level 3 is not permitted in many nations, the ZF coPILOT is based on semi-automated driving at SAE Level 2, which requires the drive… Read More

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