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The U.S. Navy's P-8 Poseidon Patrol Plane Has a Neat Feature: Tracking Land Targets

The P-8 with the tail code”LA,” a part of Patrol Squadron 5 based at Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida, has been carrying a very long fairing on its stomach. The fairing homes an APS-154 Littoral Surveillance Radar System.

Among VP-5’s recent deployments included many P-8s flying alongside U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers and planes from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan for a September 2018 war game near Guam.

The components deploy all around the world for surface-warfare and anti-submarine patrols. Together with all the APS-154, the squadrons also could identify and track moving targets on property.
A Japanese photographer using the Twitter manage @SuneKuma01 on April 7, 2019 tweeted several photos depicting a Navy P-8 taking off or landing at Kadena Air Force Base from Japan’s Okinawa prefecture about the same times as the tweet.

“It is stated the sensor is so sensitive that it can even pick up a formation of people shifting over open terrain,” Tyler Rogoway in 2014 composed about the APS-149. “Moreover, the speed of the system’s double-sided [electronically-scanned] range allows for multi-mode surgeries at one time with near-360-degree policy, meaning scannin… Read More

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